Available in 200mg and 600mg 30ml bottles

CBD for pets has been anecdotally shown to be effective at treating the following:

  • Pain relief (surgery recovery, old age/arthritis)
  • Anxiety
  • Lethargy
  • PTSD
  • Medical Procedures
  • Weather Events

You and your animal will be pleased with the positive results Herbal Extracts CBD for pets.


CBD FOR PETS TINCTURE made by Herbal Extracts. This product features all the benefits you love about CBD, made for pet-friendly use. Our CBD oil for pets is a high quality tincture made to help cats and dogs alike.

Herbal Extracts Pet CBD is virtually tasteless and odorless.  Your pet will find it easy to ingest, making it hassle-free for you to include CBD into your pet’s daily routine. What’s more: it’s non-GMOgluten-free, and contains no THC. Simply put, when you give your pet Herbal CBD 600 mg Isolate Tinctures he/she is receiving CBD isolate in its purest, most potent form possible.


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